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Sustainable Development
General Overview

Italcementi Group is one the ten cement producers being a part of the Cement Sustainability Initiative, a project spearheaded by ten of the word’s largest cement producers. It aims to facilitate actions and accelerate progress on the move towards sustainable development. It was produced in accusation with the Geneva-based
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).
Italcementi Group follows a five – year program of scoping, independent research and stake holder consultation, and focuses on three main issues:
1) Economical aspect
2) Social aspect
3) Environment aspect

In 2008 The Group introdiced two fundamental governance tools to ensure full alignment of the subsidiaries with Group Sustainable Development Policies.The first tool is the creation of Sustainable Development Steering Committee at local level, with subsidiary general managers taking full responsibility for activities. Second, the Group drew up a set of Group Standards, an on-going body of rules setting the minimum requirements in the area of corporate sustainability.
Italcementi is committed to applying guidelines and protocols developed by the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) on climate protection, use of fuels and raw materials, measurement, emissions monitoring and reporting and, for new projects and major upgrades, environmental and social impact assessments. 

Raw materials and alternative fuels

The Group introduced for responsible use of alternative fuels and raw materials, in order to minimize impact on the environment and on the health and safety of its workers and other parties using these materials.
Starting in the middle of 2010  SCC kins will be equipped continuous emission monitors (CEMs) for dust, NOx and SO2.

CO2 emissions monitoring

SCC is actively has been engaged in project development with a main focus on renewable energy and alternative fuels. Under the Kyoto Protocol “Clean Development Mechanism” these projects generate emission credits, which can be used to cover rights requirements in respect of CO2 emissions.

Shymkentcement maintained its commitment to sustainable development, coordinated by the Group’s internal “Sustainable Development Steering Committee”.

Since November 2009 Shymkentcement JSC is a member of Kazakhstani Association of Nature Management for Sustainable Development.  

Charter of values
Sustainability Policy
Safety Policy
Environment Policy
Integrated Management System Policy
Safety Statement
Quality Certification ISO9001
EAI for the Dry Line Project
SCC SEP for the Dry Line

How cement is made?
"The ability to create stone with superior capacities to natural stone, is something magical."
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